📜 "Debian Essentials"

September 11, 2018  

I was recently contacted by a colleague asking me about Debian.

First, excellent choice of operating system - I’m a huge fan of Debian. A complete guide to my configuration suggestions might be beyond the scope of this email. At one point I started to write up a blog post of the various tools, but it became too much of a mammoth task to finish and the blog post remains largely incomplete. This email has provided me some incentive to update that post and my dotfiles, so will look at that in the coming weeks. From the dotfiles, you can probably get some ideas from my basic postinstall setup

It’s probably worth mentioning that my recommendations, particularly for personal use, are highly opinionated and probably are things that are worthwhile you exploring. Nevertheless, let’s get into it:

General Install Notes

Desktop Environment / Personal Use

Terminal/Development Environment

    sudo apt install build-essential automake autoconf gnu-standards\
    sudo apt install git zsh curl wget vim\
    sudo apt-get -y install apt install linux-headers-$(uname -r | sed 's/[^-}*-[^-]*-//')\
    sudo apt install r-base python3 python3-pip\
    sudo apt install htop # for interactive process sessions