🏳️‍⚧️ Unofficial Gender Affirmation/Transition Guide for Curtin Technical Systems

November 28, 2023  Transition guide

Warning: Initially I wrote this guide with some information about what can be updated based on preferred vs legal name change. Over time this guide has grown so much I no longer actually know what requirements are, whether IT/HR can be pushed to make changes based on preferred only, and what things cannot change without a legal name change (e.g., I assume SCRIPT grant contract records). My only advice coming from place a of privilege is to try and legally change your name as soon as possible if you can, as many systems are not well equipped to handle the preferred name field. You will encounter many more issues with preferred name than legal. But find peace in the fact you will also experience many issues when you change your legal name 🙃.

1: First Steps of Transition

(This guide is a living document and last updated on Nov 28 2023)

First of all, are reading this and just transitioned, I want to say a huge congratulations. This is an awesome journey you have embarked on, well done. If you also happen to actually be working at Curtin, please do reach out to me 😊. I would also encourage you to reach out to Staff Diversity and Inclusion staffdiversity@curtin.edu.au who will be able to support you on your journey.

The reason this post exists is because the Gender Transition Guide for Curtin is currently under review, and does not contain the information you need to know. This contains many of the things I wish I knew, but didn’t, particularly relating to the administrative and IT systems.

Please note that nothing in this guide is official, nor is this mean to reflect on Curtin, these are my own personal opinions/experiences, waivers, blah blah blah, you get the bloody point. I’m just trying to help, so if a legal team is reading this—bugger off.

This guide may contain information generally useful to anyone affirming gender in academia, and I will likely separate out that information into another post in the coming week (stated on 2023-02-28 16:27). So as of November I still haven’t done this (sorry I’ve been busy)!

2: Internal Systems: Preferred or Legal Name Change

The sections below are things that apply irrespective of whether your name change is legally binding or not.

Changing Preferred Name and Gender

Updating Telephone Directory Display, WebEx, and Email.

Outlook Crap

Printer name

New business cards and name badge

Changing Outlook/Teams Display Name

Staff Profile

⚠ Critical Note on Internal Records

Various departments will have systems or records which DO NOT update based on the HR name change or are completely unlinked from IT. This means that they might think you don’t exist, or you are a new staff member. In the sections below, I detail the departments/systems I’ve found so far you need to be aware of. There will be more and if you find them please email me.

The Graduate Research School

Research Office

Other Systems

Microsoft Word // Office

3: Internal and External Systems After Legal Name Change

Please note I have no idea if some of these can be done with preferred name only (e.g., a new staff card I know has ongoing battles). I did not change these until I changed my legal name.

The process following your legal name change is similar to the process above, but there are some added steps worth mentioning below.

Replacement ID Card

Elements and Espace

Elements and Espace are managed by different systems, though the two are linked. For elements, the guide below is accurate post your legal name change. You will likely need to reach out to both teams, with contacts here:

Update April 17th on Espace:

Update November 27th on Espace

Academic Publishing

Reissue your Degree Certificates

Most of the major universities state explicitly that they only require a change of name certificate to reissue your degree (e.g., PhD certificate, Testamur). UNSW, UQ, USyd, UniSA, Monash, and UniMelb all do not require any evidence or requirement to show change of Gender (ANU unspecified). UWA does require you to show evidence of affirmed gender. The evidence is just the standard Aus. Government requirements with a simple statement any GP can produce being sufficient. I suggest ignoring the poor choice of words on the form, or use my edited version of the form to induce less political dysphoria 😁. No guarantees they will accept this.

Update April: 🥳Good news, UWA is changing their systems such that the old form is no longer required, a few form is being developed, only a change of name will be required, but optional disclosure of transgender status should mean the fee is waived. This will be enacted by 2024. 🎉

Updating name in Old Journals

Almost all major publishers allow you to update your name on old papers without corrections. Please see the following articles for more information:





Allow 3-4 weeks for most publishers to execute the changes (I found Springer and SAGE the fastest). Please note that you can also request citations to your work (in your own work) are also updated, even if the other journal hasn’t fixed their end yet. I haven’t encountered any issues other than slow service. Expected times vary from 1 week to 2 months depending on publisher.


Scopus is fucked. They aren’t helpful. They are absolutely useless and you’ll submit hundreds of tickets and get absolutely nowhere. If you have more luck than me then please let me know. I have complaints open everywhere I can. They persistently deadname me. Elsevier are fucking evil liars.

Notes on Reindexing

Google Scholar